Middle School

Continuing a Path to Success

Proudly preparing students with a well-rounded curriculum.

The experience offered in Magnolia ISD are designed to realize each student’s greatest potential. For parents of middle schoolers, that means appropriately challenging courses that encourage children to explore diverse subject areas through the Bear Branch Intermediate and Bear Branch Junior High school curriculum. Along the way, they’ll also form solid study habits, develop critical thinking skills and make new friends. The versatile environments enjoyed at these middle school campuses in Magnolia, TX make for plenty of fun days filled with engaging instruction.

A Great Place to Grow


No matter how your child learns best, the exceptional team at Bear Branch Intermediate School is well-prepared to help them thrive. With an emphasis on high-quality lessons that appeal to various learning styles, as well as opportunities to grow alongside other bright, thoughtful young minds, it’s no wonder it regularly receives accolades from students and parents alike.

5th - 6th
Coni Felinski

A Standard of Excellence


If you’re looked for an enriched, differentiated learning environment for your child, Bear Branch Junior High School delivers on every level. Their focus on self-directed learning shapes independent thinkers who are prepared both academically and socially for the challenges of high school. Creativity soars on this campus, where no matter the subject, competencies are achieved in analysis, research and communication.

7th - 8th
Julia Venghaus
• Parent portal makes communication easy
• Leading athletics program
• Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) for gifted and talented students
• Chromebooks available for educational use

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